February 19, 2008
NFS in Mac OS 10.5 Leopard

Anyway, some of us have had Leopard for a couple of weeks, and i recommend it for anyone who has a fairly new mac, by which i mean that the only consideration should be if you have enough performance to get everything out of leopard. Leopard has a lot of new "features", one of which I'll be explaing today.

NFS isn't something new, and its not even something new for Mac OS. The client to mount NFS is included on almost every *nix, and doesn't require any additional installation (usually). It also has better performance than Samba (thats what windows uses to share files), and has a fairly extensive list of configuration options. Of course, nfs isn't perfect for everything, but if your computers run *nix (aka BSD/Unix/Mac/Linux), then NFS might be the easiest file sharing protocol to configure. After all, its basically already there, so you save yourself the install.