November 29, 2007
Adventures in $40 eyeglasses

Last year, I stumbled upon a blog post about buying prescription eyeglasses online. It sounded too good to be true: you could get any frames you wanted quickly and cheaply, and the comments were filled with optometrists freaking out. Eventually, the author launched a dedicated blog for it called Glassy Eyes. When the site was recently mentioned on MetaFilter right around the time I was getting my 2-year exam, I decided to take the plunge myself and order some glasses online.

November 10, 2007
Web MVC!

During my time working with Catalyst, I’ve noticed Catalyst users tend to structure MVC web apps in very different (sometimes bad) ways. I suppose its a side-effect of its success in being flexibile. Even the Catalyst documentation suggests some practices that fly in the face of sound design principles. Where do things go wrong?