May 22, 2006
Serving JavaScript Fast

With our so-called "Web 2.0" applications and their rich content and interaction, we expect our applications to increasingly make use of CSS and JavaScript. To make sure these applications are nice and snappy to use, we need to optimize the size and nature of content required to render the page, making sure we’re delivering the optimum experience. In practice, this means a combination of making our content as small and fast to download as possible, while avoiding unnecessarily refetching unmodified resources.

May 08, 2006
Firefox Extensions For Web Development

I am one of the biggest Firefox fans out there. I could give you a whole pitch about why it's a better browser for everyone, but I will focus on web development. For standards based web development Firefox is an indispensable tool. Successful web production requires a lot of tweaking that in most other cases would require a lot of round trips between the browser, a graphics program and your HTML/CSS editor. Firefox comes with a broad selection of extensions. Some of these extensions are extremely useful for testing and validating your web page.