November 22, 2005
Linux Mail Server

This document covers how I have set up my Linux box to work as a Mail Server. The details will be specific to Arch Linux, but it will be be general enough for any *nix distribution if you have a knowledge of installing software packages, finding the location of configuration files, and starting/stoping services..

My goals in creating this mail system are to have all of my mail, from various email accounts, stored locally on my machine so I can access it anytime via SSH, the web, or imap. I wanted all of my mail delivered to my local user account and I wanted the spam to be sucked out and launched into space.

November 17, 2005
You Have to Try This on Google.

Google is now offering a new glimpse at exactly how their spider views your Website.

November 16, 2005
Setup the SSH server to use keys for authentication

An SSH server can be set up in various ways, but in this document I’ll describe how it can be configured to:

* only support connections through the 2nd version of the SSH protocol (SSH-2)
* use 2048-bit DSA keys for user authentication, without permitting authentication with passwords
* allow only a specific group of users to authenticate

November 14, 2005
Javascript libraries roundup

[edevil] spent days looking for new Javascript libraries and finally made a comprehensive list of almost all libs out there.

November 08, 2005
How to setup ssh to tunnel VNC traffic throught the Internet

This tutorial shows you how to use ssh to tunnel VNC traffic (TCP port 5900) through the public Internet,
so that you can safely view / control your home Windows g PC from a remote site, under the strong encryption of ssh.

November 07, 2005
Installing 2.0 for Debian Linux with Alien

While the recent release of 2.0 (OOo) was eagerly anticipated by the open source community, it has been received with some chagrin. The OOo group released 2.0 in rpm format only. Needless to say, this has some non-rpm GNU/Linux users up in arms. What if you're a poor Debian user like me? Will I ever get to run OOo 2.0?

Simple Sudoku - freeware puzzle maker and solver

Simple Sudoku makes high quality puzzles that are symmetrical, have a single solution, and do not require trial & error to solve. The user can also choose between five levels of complexity - from Easy to Extreme. Each puzzle is generated randomly so there is an almost limitless selection.

November 03, 2005
An introduction to Debian networking setup

Under Debian networking is pretty comparable to other distributions of GNU/Linux, especially in areas such as DNS setup. However if you're new to the distribution you might not know where things are set. This brief introduction to networking will show you how it works.