November 18, 2004
Detecting Rootkits And Kernel-level Compromises In Linux

This article is intended to outline useful ways of detecting hidden modifications to a Linux kernel. Often known as a rootkit, this stealthy type of malware gets installed in the kernel of an operating system and requires special techniques by Incident handlers and Linux system administrators to be detected.

November 11, 2004
Build your own search engine with ht://Dig

Most Linux users know how easily they can run a Web server on their favorite distros. Unfortunately, serving pages is one thing -- finding them is another. That's when many users turn to ht://Dig.

November 05, 2004
The MJPEG tools

When it comes to video processing, many free software users don't look beyond the well-known mainstream utilities, like transcode and MPlayer. When these utilities don't produce the desired output, the MJPEG Tools suite might be able to help. Mature, feature-rich, and of extremely high quality, the MJPEG Tools provide video manipulation facilities that you can use either as a complete end-to-end solution or as a toolbox from which you can select the exact tool you need for a given job. Whether you need assistance with capturing, improving, or encoding video, the MJPEG Tools can help.

November 04, 2004
Authoring an SVCD with VCDImager

Most DVD players support two formats that you can burn onto a regular CD: Video Compact Disc (VCD) and Super Video Compact Disc (SVCD). This article will help you create your own videos on SVCD, the superior of the two formats.