August 31, 2004
Report Manager Official page

Report manager is a reporting application (Report Manager Designer) and also a set of components for Delphi , Builder and Kylix, also supports development environment accepting ActiveX controls (Visual Basic,Visual FoxPro,any Visual Studio.Net language...), also a C dynamic standard library with exported functions is provided to use the engine with any other language like GNU C.

August 20, 2004
Motherboard BIOS Flash Boot CD from Linux Mini HOWTO

This is a short summary of how to create a boot disk to flash a BIOS on a PC, from Linux (or another Unix) when one has no floppy drive and no access to a DOS/Windows machine.

OpenOffice on Mac OS X

This article gives a few tips for users of OpenOffice on Mac OS X.

My reason for looking into this was that I need to produce long technical documents as PDF files. It is important that these PDFs come with structured bookmarks that correspond to and are created from the heading structure in the original document (in my case MS Word).

MS Word and Adobe Acrobat are useless for this because sadly enough there is just no way to get structured PDFs out of Word on Mac OS X. Adobe’s PDFMaker Plugin for Mac OS X is a sick, cruel joke. It takes ages to create flat PDF files without any bookmarks. A technical document without these is unacceptable. PDFMaker’s output doesn’t have any advantage over the PDFs produced using Apple’s standard Print dialog, and it’s slower. The Windows version of the plugin works fine and does everything I need. I wish Adobe would get its act together...

August 17, 2004
Today's Linux screen capture technology

"I'd like you to help me find out about video screen captures," said one of my editors a while back. "Sure, let me see what's available," I replied. He pointed me to a couple of Web sites to get me started, and here I am a few weeks later ready to share my findings. I'll discuss ways that you can make video clips in Linux, talk about their applications and shortcomings. I'll also cover suitable ways to view your masterpieces once they're recorded.

August 09, 2004
Publishing XML Documents in PDF and HTML with Cocoon

This article shows you how to publish XML documents in PDF using Apache Cocoon. Cocoon can create result documents in a variety of formats, including HTML and PDF. Cocoon's popularity reflects that of the Adobe's PDF format, which most vendors prefer for e-mailing richly formatted printable documents and reports. Cocoon converts not only text content, but also graphs and images. This article focuses on using Cocoon to dynamically generate HTML and PDF.

August 06, 2004
Thirty-eight dishonest tricks

In most textbooks of logic there is to be found a list of "fallacies", classified in accordance with the logical principles they violate. Such collections are interesting and important, and it is to be hoped that any readers who wish to go more deeply into the principles of logical thought will turn to these works. The present list is, however, something quite different. Its aim is practical and not theoretical. It is intended to be a list which can be conveniently used for detecting dishonest modes of thought which we shall actually meet in arguments and speeches.

Peep: The Network Auralizer

Peep is a network monitoring tool that represents network information via an audio interface. Network diagnostics are made not only based on single network events but whether the network sounds "normal".

August 02, 2004
mod_proxy and Debian - The secret hand shake

If you are trying to do something like set up a mod_perl apache behind a lightweight version you will most likely use mod_proxy and some ReWrite rules.

But, mod_proxy isn't installed by default (at least it wasn't for me).

You will need to use this magical incantation:

modules-config apache enable libproxy